Spiritual Wisdom

Oftentimes  poor decision-making skills stem from a lack of wisdom.

Wisdom is a noun; it means the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement.

Here I’m not talking about the ordinary wisdom of man that equates to knowledge. That kinda wisdom may lead you to get a good job, buy a nice house and put some money away for a rainy day. That wisdom can even equate to material success; but that doesn’t have the same qualities as spiritual wisdom.

The adjective “spiritual ” means a quality that affects the human spirit or soul and not just material things. We need ‘Spiritual Wisdom’ to make decisons with foresight.

God says the wisdom of man is foolishness: 1 Corinthians 3:20 “The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise that they are futile.”

I wrote about wisdom early last year when I said: “Wisdom is a free gift.”

This year I’ve been asking God for Spiritual Wisdom and foresight. We need it to get through the issues of life.  Spiritual wisdom will guard you from offence; you’ll be able to see things for what they are – you’ll be able to see things the way that God sees them.  Many people today are saying and doing things due to a lack of wisdom. Spiritual wisdom comes from God and we need it to make destiny altering decisions.

Sometimes people say and do things that you may find strange or confusing; before you get offended pray for wisdom!
Maybe they’re acting like that because they think it’s normal.
“If any of you lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all liberally and without reproach” (1 James 1:5).

#spirirtualwisdom #comesfromGod #pray

I’m talking about spiritual wisdom; the kind that comes from God: think about the wisdom of King Solomon; the wisdom of Daniel and the wisdom of Abigail (1 Samuel 25).

The wisdom of Abigail saved her family from destruction. Abigail didn’t just sit down in silence and do nothing when her family was about to be destroyed by King David. She opened her mouth with wisdom like the woman in Proverbs 31.

“She opens her mouth with wisdom and on her  tongue is the law of kindness” ~ Proverbs 31:26.

Maybe God is placing you in a position where you can make a difference. Ask for wisdom to make the right decisions.

Spiritual wisdom…

In 1 Kings 3:16-28, King Solomon had to make a difficult decision. This is a well known story about two women who were living together and both had babies. One of the babies died in  their sleep because the mother layed on the baby; so the mother of the dead baby swapped the babies around. When the mother awoke she saw the dead baby and knew that it wasn’t hers. King Solomon had to make a decision as both women were claiming to be the mother of the baby that was alive. He offered to cut the baby in half and give half to one and half to the other; immediately one of the women cried out and said let the other woman have the baby. King Solomon knew that that woman who cried out must be the mother and he gave her the child.

King Solomon was a wise man. He had the wisdom of God that allowed him to administer justice. We need Spiritual Wisdom and it comes from God.

It’s time to stop looking left and right for answers and time to start looking up.

#2017 #timetopray
#spirirtualwisdom #comesfromGod #pray

One thought on “Spiritual Wisdom

  1. I love the picture, very inspired!

    This is one of those blogs that helps put things in prospective. Our Father has wisdom in abundance … all we need to do is ask 🙏🏾

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