My Testimony: Teacher Diaries

So today is officially the first day of the summer holidays! Woop Woop! I made it through my first year of teaching. When people ask me how’s work I used to say “its alright just started a new contract” but now I tell them its great it’s the holidays 🙂

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I remember when I first started this new career last summer and one of the newly qualified teachers was saying that this year is going to be the hardest thing you”ll ever have to do! He wasn’t exaggerating – being a teacher is not like any other job, especially for me coming straight in having never worked in a school before. This whole year has been a season of acceleration for me; I feel like I leant so much in such a short space of time.

One of the perks of the jobs is  the fact that we get frequent holidays but boy do we need them! I don’t think anyone can survive more than 7 weeks of teaching without having a break. Don’t get me wrong, teaching is hard work but it’s also very rewarding especially when you get to see the results of your efforts, when you get to see the next generation make progress and take steps towards achieving their dreams. It really is the best job in the world.

When I first sent off my application I remember I was sitting down in a café in Greenwich on a lunch break from one of my waitressing shifts; when I finally finished the application and pressed send I remember saying to myself “my whole life is about to change!”  Needless to say that is exactly what happened; this year has been full of tests and trials but I made it through. I finished on a high and now I’m a newly qualified teacher (NQT) – a lot can happen in a year!

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When you step out in faith you may find yourself doing things that you never thought that you would do! It’s been a great year. I have many stories and testimonies to share with you … Diaries of a Visionary Part 2 coming soon!!!!

It’s not always easy to step out in faith but when you do it’s so worth it; the start of a great adventure.

I thank God that I was in a place where I could hear Him telling me what steps to take next.

#wheniwasaschoolteacher #teacherdiaries #summerfun

If you are reading this post then I hope that you are in a place right now where you can hear God speak because God wants to order your steps too. Are you ready to listen and step out on faith?

Jeremiah 29:13You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.


Hope you have a great summer – I sure will!


4 thoughts on “My Testimony: Teacher Diaries

  1. Amen! ! God is faithful – so blessed to see it playing out. You are a living testimony of what God can do when His people hear His voice and follow! The very best us yet to come !! Xxx

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