Jealousy: What do you want from me?

It’s February 2018 – the Season of Elevation has begun. However with this season on the rise there is something that has been pressing on my heart; we need to discuss  and that is this issue of jealousy. This is not about being prideful or paranoid this is about understanding the truth – ever got the feeling that someone was jealous of you? People can be jealous of you over things that you never even gave a second thought to. When God starts to elevate you certain people will not be able to handle it; let’s just face it now- there are some people who will just simply not know what to do with themselves.

What do you do when God says “I’m about to elevate you in the midst of an arena?”

You keep it real and prepare for jealousy. We can’t roll through 2018 with our heads in cuckoo land!

I’ve been studying Shakespeare’s Othello with my Year 9 class and there is a famous line in there when Iago the villain is talking to Othello and he says, “Oh beware my Lord of jealousy for it is the green-eyed  monster that doth mock the meat it feeds on.” Jealousy leads to the downfall of our tragic hero; Othello. What Shakespeare is saying here is that jealousy eats up the person that suffers from it.

However, I want to propose that jealousy  does a lot more than that. I’m taking this from a different angle. It can be a very disheartening experience to know that someone is jealous of you. This can be especially so if through no prior thought of your own God decides to elevate you into a particular place; it could be a new job, a ministry, a relationship even something as simple as a new item of clothing. For certain people to watch you be elevated or for something to go well for you it literally eats them up inside. This is sad but we have to understand that it’s true. Why am I talking about this now? Because there are people reading this and I am telling you that God wants to prosper you! He wants to PROSPER you. In ways that you can’t even fully imagine yet. And there are people that will be jealous. Now is the time to discern who they are; escort them to the balcony and pray for them from the stage.

In Corinthians 16:9 Paul the Apostle says ‘a great and effectual door is opened unto me and there are also many adversaries!’

#thebalcolny #and #thestage

We have to be discerning in this season; do not allow people to blame their jealousy on you. Remember you did not put yourself in any position it was GOD that elevated you. How do I know this? Because Psalms 75 says: “exaltation comes neither from the east nor from the west nor from the south. But God is the Judge: He puts down one and exalts another.”

They may be jealous of you, they may try and find fault in what God has called you to do but what we have to understand is that exaltation comes from the north.

Do not be discouraged when they try and find fault in your ministry, your position or whatever hemisphere God has used to elevate you. I say ‘when’ so that it does not come as a shock to you and you start to doubt  yourself or your capabilities in that place. Remember God does not call the qualified but he qualifies the called!

“He resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6)

We need to be discerning in this hour; do not be deceived, it can be very disheartening to know that there are people out there that just cannot be happy for you. We must not take this thing personally. Oftentimes this type of jealousy stems from a deep rooted insecurity that exists within that individual. They may disguise it as something else by desperately trying to find some kind of fault in something that you are doing. But we need to see through their words and look at their spirit. Pray for them and pray for eyes to see in the Spirit. If they cannot come to you with something constructive and backed up by the Word of God then you have to ask yourself- What Spirit are they of? This is for when they start trying to guise their issue as something other than what it is.

#jealousy #whatdoyouwantfromme

That’s when you resort to the balcony and the stairs. #escortthem

God will prepare a table before you in the PRESENCE of your enemies – Psalms 23:5.

It’s February 2018; the season of elevation and we have to face this reality. Even Jesus had to deal with jealousy. When the chief scribes arrested him they tried to find some kind of fault of which to accuse him of but they found none. Just like I said before; it is a characteristic of jealousy to try and find fault in the person; anything they can to justify their feelings.

Jesus let His excellence silence His haters! In this season do not get caught up worrying about the schemes of man. Make sure you do not fall foul to this spirit either. Fix your eyes on God’s will and purpose for your life. Don’t look to the left; don’t look to the right just keep looking ahead.

Beware my ladies of jealousy for it is a green eyed monster that doth mock the meat it feeds on! I decree and declare that discouragement shall not come near your dwelling. God has called you, equipped you and destined you for greatness. Don’t let anyone dim your light. Queen.

The Merciful God of Prophecy

“I will cause you to flourish; I cause the righteous to flourish. Surely I have planted you as a tree by the sides of the living waters and I will cause you to bear fruit in your season. Only be steadfast and diligent; do not be envious of the boastful; do not fret when you see the man who appears to prosper in his way for I take the wealth of the wicked and store it up for the righteous.” Says the Lord

In recent news:

  • I finally finished writing my second book; it’s a bit different from the first it’s a fiction book – one for the teens – but will share more information once publication has been confirmed.
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5 thoughts on “Jealousy: What do you want from me?

  1. Nice. I intentionally searched for blogs about people jealous or envious. I wondered why some people are like that. I am surrounded with such people family, neighbors and those I call friends. I don’t know what to do with them. 🙄

    Thank you for this article. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tyna

      It’s very real… try not to get mad.

      Most importantly pray for them. Jesus said pray for your enemies and bless those that curse you. Bless and do not curse. 🤗

      I also wonder where these things comes from gonna write another post about the gift of discernment!

      Take care

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I am trying not to get mad at them now… And I always pray for guidance in my actions.🙏
        I was thinking of the law of attraction. I’ve been really thinking about it because I am not a jealous and envious person but why do I attract these people. Maybe it has something to do with pride. I am proud of myself and maybe being proud hurts other people’s pride.

        Thank you for your reply… 😊


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