Her Time is Ticking?




This is a snippet from my pending and prophetic book entitled:

 Message to My Maidservants,” – from His mouth to our ears.

These days it seems like everyone around me is being used to speak words of fear and panic. When a woman gets to a certain age could be 25 could be 30… the questions start pouring out like running water from a cold tap! This is when they come with the ‘set-ups’ and the talk about ‘biological clocks.’ People may mean well but all you’re trying to do is live for God. #Histiming

Oftentimes people can fall into a state of depression just based on the words of others – be careful what you tell yourself. Remember whose voice takes dominion. You have to get to a point where you’re able to block out every voice contrary to God’s.

When they start trying to advise you talking about ‘your time is ticking.’ In other words they want to instill fear and desperation into you so that you start moving yourself into a place where God doesn’t want you to be! There are so many things wrong with that statement by the way: “your time is ticking!”  You see time doesn’t actually belong to us, time belongs to God.  God say’s “He has made all things beautiful in His time.

They’re talking that way because …they don’t know what God is doing #theydontknow

In the book of Joel God talks about His maidservants . . .“In the last days I shall pour out My Spirit on all flesh, on my man servants and on my maidservants and they shall …prophecy.” See precious daughter, God wants to fill you with His Spirit.

Prophecy means to speak what the Spirit of God told you to say. Never let anybody discourage you from your obedience, it’s happened to me many times. When people see something out of the norm, like a woman’s voice speaking out for God they sometimes get uncomfortable – it’s nothing to do with you it’s all to do with them. Many voices will come to discourage you when you step out to do something for God. Many voices will try to divert your destiny; like a woman crying out in the wilderness I say recognise and refute every voice that speaks contrary to the will of God concerning you. Woman of God walk in accordance with divine destiny!

They talk that way because …they don’t know what God is doing – #theydontknow

Remember what I said you need #theshield #thebuckler

For those of you that loved my post on ‘The Waiting Game’ in 2016 this is the sequel. The desperation game. No desperation required. #nodesperationrequired

God is not into desperation, God is into transformation. Kingdom couples! We need to know that our life, purpose and destiny in God cannot just be limited – God says ask me for the Nations and I will give them to you! To this life there is a greater purpose – a purpose far beyond what we can see. Woman of God don’t let your limited perception force you into a state of depression – you’ve got to know what God is doing.

God wants us to know that He has a plan for our lives. God is not into the desperation game.

I was at church some years back and I remember the Pastor using an illustration from the book of Ruth to explain a concept during his sermon. He said the book is called “Ruth”. For those that don’t know the story, when Ruth’s husband died, her mother in law left the place that they were staying to go back to their home country, she told Ruth and Orpah (her other daughter in law) that they could leave her as she was too old to birth husbands for them. Orpah went off and we never heard of her again, she chose a man over the will of God. But Ruth stayed with Naomi she said “where you go I go your people will be my people and your God will be my God.” Ruth chose to put God first and God honoured that. In the next Chapter we see that Ruth meets a man called Boaz, whom she married. But the book is not called Boaz, the book is called Ruth! What is your book going to be called?

Two lessons I take from this story:

  1. Put God first
  2. God’s plan for your life is for you to live in complete surrender to Him no matter what the cost.

God wants us to know that our role as women in His kingdom is pre-ordained. Be a woman of destiny – be like Ruth.


Message to My Maidservants:

“Precious daughter of Mine! I summon You to take the limitations off of Your mind for I have called you into destiny. You My daughter, I have equipped to fulfill great exploits for Me upon this earth. Precious daughter of mine, I can’t allow you to settle. Your destiny in Me is too important, take the limitations off of your mind and know that I have destined you for greatness – I can’t allow you to settle.”


Sorry guys been a while – 2018 it’s been real, we not done yet tho 🙂

3 thoughts on “Her Time is Ticking?

  1. I like this post for a number of reasons. Firstly because Ruth is an amazing example of a woman who put Naomie’s needs over her own and was more interesting pursuing the God of Naomie rather than a husband.

    Secondly people need to understand the power of words…. our words must be seasoned with salt and bring encouragement and edification, not the opposit.

    I’m hoping when others read this post, they will realise whilst it is perfectly normal to desire a husband and children, it should never overtake our desire for God and His serve.

    Thanks for this Des.

    Liked by 1 person

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