We just stepped in …

Hey everyone … it’s 2019 and for some of us we literally just stepped in to a brand new season!

I have been pondering about what to write about this month as there are so many things that come to my mind when I think about the year ahead.

Every year we tend to set goals about what we want to do and what we want to achieve for the year ahead; the thing is how many of those goals do we actually achieve? I’ve already spoken into 2019. This is the year when we won’t just talk about the things we wanna do – in this season we’re gonna step out in faith and make moves –  power moves. One of my goals for 2019 was to have my own website and move away from the wordpress blog and as you can see – exhibit A. #wejuststeppedin

Quick Testimony – I had to step out in faith before upgrading my site as I didn’t know where the funds were going to come from, but I did it anyway. Within A few days of me doing so my account was replenished by some generous sponsors who decided to purchase copies of my latest book for five times the retail price. When you step out in faith you don’t step out alone – God steps in. So this year do whatever you gotta do just #getitdone.

God has so much in store for us this 2019 we literally #juststeppedin #Icomebearinggifts

It’s 2019 and we need to live above limitations. How do we live above limitations? It all starts with a heart check. Make no mistake about it – unforgiveness will block your blessings.

But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. [Matthew 6:15]

Imagine praying for God to bless you and to move in your life but God isn’t listening to you because all He remembers is your sin. That’s how it is when we hold people captive in our own hearts and refuse to let go of things.

In Matthew 27 just before Jesus went to the cross the soldiers offered Him a drink. In Matthew 27:34 its says that they gave Him “sour wine mingled with gall” to drink. But when He had tasted “it, He would not drink. Jesus knew the taste of bitterness and He refused to drink it. #2019 #abovelimitations

Gall is a noun, it is an old-fashioned word for poison. This means that before Jesus went to the cross they tried to give him a bitter drink that would poison Him. Sound familiar? In the next verse Matthew 27:35 the bible says “then they crucified Him.” If Jesus drank the sour wine it would have poisoned him – He would have literally been poisoned to death by bitterness. But Jesus refused to take it. Catch the revelation, it was the soldiers who were taking Jesus to the cross that wanted Him to drink the sour wine (bitter poison).  They wanted Him to die before He even got to his destination – the cross was part of His destiny. Remember He had to die in order to rise!

Bitterness will keep you from your destiny!  In all that Jesus went through He still refused to allow bitterness and unforgiveness to enter into Him. He knew that it would poison Him and He had too much at stake.

It’s 2019 – we gotta live above the limitations because  #wejuststeppedin

So what happened to you last year? Disappointment? Abandonment? False accusations – whatever it is can’t be worse than what Jesus went through even before He got to the cross. He still refused to drink the sour wine; it tasted bitter and He knew that it would poison Him.

It’s 2019, we gotta live above limitations if we are going to enter in and see all of God’s promises. This means we gotta let some things go and realise that #wejuststeppedin.

Thanks for reading – I don’t know about you but I am over excited about this year ahead!!

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Happy 2019 y’all let’s step out in faith without limitations!!!!

The Merciful God of Prophecy:

“I come bearing gifts in all shapes and sizes – My will shall be fulfilled and destinies decided.”

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