Unblemished Bride

Below is another Snippet from my new and prophetic book entitled: Message to my Maidservants

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re just not good enough? It’s like no matter how hard you try you never quite make the mark? But then what mark is that? Do you set for yourself unrealistic standards of perfection then get mad at yourself when you don’t quite match up to them? Be careful you don’t give yourself an inferiority complex.

Inferiority is a noun, it means the state of being of lower quality or status to another.

I call the inferiority complex the state of mind when you constantly feel that you are of lower state or quality to another. This can be brought on by many different factors.

Sometimes people try and project things onto you. For example they may have insecurities or be feeling inadequate in some area of their own life; they then try and project that onto you. If you’re not careful you’ll feed into the lies and give yourself an inferiority complex.

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Imagine you had a disagreement with someone and near enough at the first instance they revert to comments such as “very Christian of you to do that” like it’s some sort of escape clause for their own behavour. You have to be wary of people who are so quick to attack Christianity at the first instance. You also have to be wary of people who are so quick to attack your ministry or calling as soon as any small incident occurs. It happens amongst Christians too, people suffer from insecurity and they try and project their own inadequacy onto you. It’s like any small thing happens and they wanna magnify it so you can start to question your spiritual state just like how they question theirs!

Anyhooo  it’s one thing when someone else does that but a whole different level when you start doing it to yourself. Remember to give yourself a break!

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In this season of elevation you may have to escort some people to the balcony and pray for them from the stage. The show must go on!

#showtime #grandcircle #noinferiority #noweapon

Oftentimes people try and resolve their inferiority complex with outside factors. People will try and seek approval from others in order to satisfy themselves that they are good enough. Whether it be seeking a certain position to put themselves out there or seeking words of affirmation from others; these are only temporary solutions.

Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to the lies of inferiority. Thank you that I don’t need to seek approval from others in order to accomplish the things you have called me to.

The Merciful God of Prophecy:

Woman I hear the tormenting voices that tell you that you are not good enough. I hear the sounds that try to chase you into the shadows with songs of inadequacy and inferiority. Woman I hear the things that you tell yourself , but do you know what I call you?


My Unblemished Bride!

I know all the fears that you try to hide.  The things you keep deep down inside. My arms are stretched out and open wide. To receive you unto me My unblemished bride.


Lately I’ve been reading the book of Daniel. Daniel was faithful and he did all things that God called him to with an excellent spirit.  In Daniel 6 the governors tried to plot against Daniel but the plots had to fail. They could find no charge or fault because he was faithful.

Moral of the story ~ just do what God told you to do.

Keep pushing through, don’t listen to the lies and complete your assignment with an excellent spirit.


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It’s going to be a glorious day with a great line up of guest speakers don’t miss out.💜👑

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Have a wonderfully productive week ahead ❤️🙌🏾🙌🏾👍🏾






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