Stressful Seasons: DOV Publishing

One thing I have learnt recently is that stressful seasons often give birth to greatness. That’s if you just persevere. God has a purpose in everything.

It all started last month when I simply asked by book publisher X***n to send me the print files so I could get additional copies of my book printed over here. They then started being difficult and quoting hidden fees for me to get the files emailed over. They basically wanted me to purchase copies from them but the prices they were quoting were too much. I found a better deal.

After a series of emails back and forth between myself an X****n I started to become stressed out by the shady and difficult behaviour. They would send me emails but when I try and call them I would get an answering machine. One of them arranged a phonecall with me but didn’t follow through. I remember towards the end of last month being at a Housefires concert and still receiving ridiculous emails from X***n.

I remember sitting on the floor during the concert and looking at my phone. All of a sudden someone who was standing behind me at the concert came and gave me a Word. They said it might sound strange and they had been wrestling with it for a while.

The Merciful God of Prophecy

“God loves you, He wants you to know that the burden you are carrying is for Him to handle. He says he wants you wholeheartedly.” 

The merciful, faithful God who always comes through. I knew that I was going through a trial and I also felt that a burden had been lifted. This was around the same time I was going through a time of transition in terms of leaving my current school to start a new one after Easter. That comes with stresses of its own but that’s for another time.

The publishers were just adding to it.  I remember speaking to a lady who was also a publisher, she initially started off by giving me some advice; in her attempt to help me she offered me a reduced publishing package with her company.  However, I felt the whole thing was happening too fast and I didn’t want to make any further rash decisions under stress.

By this time I had already had enough of X****n and had it in mind to form my own publishing company.

I saw “DOV Publishing” in my mind a while ago but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. During this stressful season with X***n I ended up purchasing my own ISBN numbers from  a major company called  Nielsen UK ISBN Store. I was advised that this is the company you need to be with to get your books in print in bookstores such as Waterstones. So I purchased 10 new ISBNs (for future books) and registered them all under my own publishing company called “DOV Publishing.”

As part of the process of disconnecting from X**** Press and becoming more independent I began the process of re-publishing “Diaries of a Visionary – Inspiring Dreams” and “I AM Bodel” under DOV Publishing. They are both available to download on Kindle and purchase via Amazon.

I have since asked X***n Press to take their versions down. With that being said, please ensure that when purchasing copies of these books online that you purchase the copy published by DOV Publishing and not X***n Press.

Finally, remember what James said in James 1:2- 4

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

I count it all joy that I fell into this trial; upon speaking directly with Amazon and learning a few things about X****n I realised it was time to branch out and birth a vision that God had laid upon my heart.

This is why I say that stressful seasons often give birth to greatness!

What are you going through at the moment? What is causing you stress? This could be an indicator that God wants to birth something new, something great through you.

Perhaps it’s time to break free from relying on people to bring your vision to pass? Time to stop being overcharged and exploited and tap into your own hidden talents and creativity.

Look out for the silver lining in the cloud. Stressful seasons often give birth to greatness.

It’s been a busy season at Diaries of a Visionary. Stay tuned for updates.

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