A Poem entitled “Human Emotions”

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all doing well during these strange times that we are living in. 2020 is a year we won’t forget in a hurry right?

I started off this season not knowing what to do with myself but after some much needed reflection I’ve come to realise that there is great purpose in this season.

However, this past week I went in to school to work. There were only a handful of kids in school and we actually had a good time. It was great to see some of my colleagues again, haven’t seen many faces for the past couple of weeks.

Yesterday I woke up with a headache, sometimes I get a headache when I’m supposed to be writing something or when an idea is about to be birthed – I like to think that this is Gods way of speaking to me. Ever happen to you? So, yesterday my headache led me upstairs to the empty staff room where I played some music, prayed and opened up my Mac book.

When I put my fingers to the keyboard my mind stilled on the topic of human emotions. I wrote a poem that started with the word ‘torment,’ then I was inspired to write metaphors about different human emotions. I’ve been reading through the book of Isaiah these past couple of weeks and I’ve seen so many metaphors. It’s amazing! God – the Master Poet. I finished the poem that morning and shared it with a couple of my colleagues.

Now I would like to share it with you all!

I would appreciate it if you could read the poem and respond in the comments by letting me know what your favourite line or image is in the poem and why.

I hope the words minister to you or give you food for thought 🙂

Thanks for reading

Stay safe!

Miss_Dee x


Human Emotions

Torment is a pounding headache that won’t relent,

Denial is a promise blocker;

Insecurity is an armed robber on release;

Jealousy is a fish bite.


Inadequacy is like taking a knife to a gun fight;

Guilt is a stab wound, it pricks like a pin and leaks like a tap

Regret is the drought after the rain,

Selfishness is that itch in the midst of your pain.


Pride is the walk you take along the edge of a cliff;

Lust is a fat wallet full of sugar paper;

Solitude is a continual beating of a drum,


Deception is the loss you face after you’ve won.


Abuse is that broken branch on the tree;

And silence is a prisoner that wants to be free.


By Desiri Okobia





33 thoughts on “A Poem entitled “Human Emotions”

      1. I love when you say, “Guilt is a stab wound, it pricks like a pin and leaks like a tap.” I think the meaning of the word perfectly.


      2. It makes me think of the times of I have experienced guilt, whether it is hurting someone’s feelings or I regret something I have done to myself. It’s a feeling of constant bothering and knowing something is wrong.


      3. Thanks for sharing Desiri. Very good.

        “Deception is the loss you face after you’ve won.”

        For example to climb Mount Everest is an massive achievement, but when you get to the top it’s an empty space, filled with memorabilia, the really is you still got to come back down to earth.

        It’s like people say when I have the big job I will be satisfied and then they get the dream job and it’s not enough.

        It good to to aim high but God must be your ultimate satisfaction.


  1. Amazing poem and love the way you use metaphors. My favourite line “Pride is the walk you take along the edge of a cliff;“ It’s so true something that we have all probably struggled with and this metaphor shows just how destructive it can be


  2. Powerful imagery here Des. I particularly like the line about lust the wallet appears appealing on the outside but really not much value to it really when you look inside.


    1. Interesting way of looking at it…. yes lust will get you looking at something that won’t even add value to your life! Thanks for ur comments Doyin 🙂


      1. Love this poem Des,

        I like the last one silence is a prisoner that’s wants to be set free.

        There has been many times in my life for one reason or another I did not want to speak for fear of being made vulnerable or because feeling unqualified only to realise that once I’ve spoken there is a liberty and freedom . It reminds me of the scripture confess your faults one to another that you may be healed. The enemy would have us believe that it is better to stay silent…. this is a lie and will hold you hostage. To speak out brings freedom.

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    1. Hi Des, thanks for sharing and I hope your headache has eased off now that you have birth your creative piece. I like the line ‘Inadequacy is like taking a knife to a gun fight;’ it conjures a very real image of inadequacy. I also like ‘ Denial is a promise blocker;’. This is something we have all done, deny, but your poem makes it all the more real when you relate it as being a promise blocker. We all have a destination, a promise from God, but are we standing in the way with denial!?



  3. Well done Des I think this is crafted really well and the concept is excellent. Human emotions are so raw and you have captured this really well through your use of imagery. The line that stood out to me the most is: “silence is a prisoner that wants to be free”. This is what it made me think of : we often can hide behind silence but this may not actually be our desired disposition. Sometimes we’re silent but want to speak, it’s a prisoner! The bible says there’s a time to let this prisoner free! Hope I interpreted right lol 🙈. Deep and insightful poem, looking forward to more!


  4. Oh actually just thought of it another way! If silence is a prisoner, then talking must be free. Maybe, the person actually wants to be silent and just be but is always talking to cover how they actually feel. Hmmm so many levels !

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  5. I love this poem.
    Its one of those poems that make you sit still when you read it so that you can soak it all in.
    Deception is the loss you face after you’ve won- that line made me double take.
    That is so powerfully true.
    We can be so greatly deceived – like Eve in the garden of Eden. She got her fruit #winning but she lost everything after being deceived. It reminded me that especially during these times we need to guard our hearts that we may not be deceived but be steadfast because God wants to do something in our lives- but so does the enemy. Great read Des.


  6. I saw all the reposts and had to check it out! Amazing imagery, very thought provoking.
    My favorite line:
    “Pride is the walk you take along the edge of a cliff;”
    Literally at the edge of your potential fall.
    Reminds me of the verse in the Bible that says :
    Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
    Allowing pride to take hold of our hearts puts us in a place of danger.
    Loved the whole poem. Xx

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  7. I can relate to the ‘Inadequacy is like taking a knife to a gun fight.’

    I used to tell friends that I always felt small fish from Little Pond, being tossed into a massive ocean. Through my different journeys and chapters in life, growing up etc. I have always dealt with inadequacy and lack of confidence. Even as a believer in Christ, God has had to remind me that my confidence is in him and “ I can do all things through him that strengthens me”. Even when I have experienced struggles and u-turns in life, and felt all I had to bring to the table was a plastic knife, he faithfully provided the measure of confidence I needed. I have observed that whenever I compare myself to others, I feel less adequate for the task at hand, however, I am a work in progress and growing in faith and confidence in Jesus.

    “ Comparison is the thief of joy” -Theodore Roosevelt

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  8. Great Poem Des!

    “Denial is a promise blocker”

    Love this line. It highlights that God has a great promise for each and every one of us. His plan is much greater. However sometimes we do not realise that we can be our very own enemy/destructor to our success and for what God has planned for us. Getting rid of denial is the catalyst we need to release the promise God has for us.


  9. Wow! This is a powerful poem full of many thought provoking metaphors. Hard to imagine that you put this together under a pounding headache which you have rightly described as “torment”. You are on the road to becoming a great writer!

    I love most of the lines but my favourites, if I must choose, have to be:

    “Regret is the drought after the rain”
    Surely cautions one to pause before you get upset and say or do what you might regret later, when the “drought” sets in.

    The other one is…
    “Abuse is that broken branch on the tree”
    That broken branch never grows back with the same perfection. The branch remains deformed, same as the impact of abuse on people. Another warning to stop abuse in all forms.
    Well done Des!

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