A Poem entitled “Hanging by a rope”

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all that read, commented on and shared my last poem – we were blessed by each others insights. I always tell my English students, “once a poem is written it belongs to the reader.” The words can mean different things to different people depending on your perspective and your life experiences so thank you for sharing yours. 🙂

Yesterday, I got inspired to write a part two for this poem – I called it ‘Hanging by a Rope,’ inspired by the image at the top.

I hope that this series of poems will be able to expose negative emotions and that people come to a place of healing, completeness and restoration.

I only write what  I am inspired to write; I do hope that my next poem will be full of positive emotions! 🙂


Hanging by a rope – A poem about human emotions


Anxiety is a broken clock,

The minute hand moves in hours and the hours in minutes

A clock broken, anxiety is.


Disappointment is a ball and chain around your neck,

A hollow metal ball, hanging on the edge of

a thick; dark chain.


Misery, is the constant sun not after the rain

Regret is a grey cloud, heavy and transparent,


Rejection is a cat in a kennel.


Offence is a silent assassin,

He comes in subtly and buries his head

behind the bushes of a smiley face.


They say ‘procrastination is the thief of time,’

Well, complacency must be his armed accomplice.


Deception speaks truth,

Anger is an erupted volcano,

Depression is bedridden,

Self-harm is … (sighs)


Suicidal thoughts are a padlock with no key,

His cross is the only Light that sets us free.


By Desiri Okobia 


Thank you for reading – as before, please leave your comments in the comments box below.

Which line stands out to you the most and why?

If you feel inspired to write anything following on from this poem, please get in touch. Maybe, we can feature your poem on the ‘Diaries of a Visionary’ platform or maybe it’s time for you to start a blog?

Obedience unlocks the key to creativity!

Some of the lines in this poem are a snippet from my new and prophetic book called: “Message to my Maidservants – From His mouth to our ears.”

I’m hoping to be finished with this book once we come out of Lockdown London.

Will keep you posted

Take Care and stay safe

Des xx

28 thoughts on “A Poem entitled “Hanging by a rope”

    1. Makes for interesting reading.

      Especially when you say regret is transparent…people mask it a lot, for example by saying its was a mutual decision’ after they break up with someone or have another disappointment. They regret that it’s all gone wrong or they regret the time wasted or the love that’s been rejected, but it’s masked, a lot of the time?


      1. His cross is the only light that sets us free.

        There are so many positive things in this life that can likened to light. Things that can help us do better and make us feel better. But of all the ‘feel good’ things out there…there is only one thing that sets us completely free. The sacrifice that He made.


  1. Wow, you’ve done it again! Very accurate and profound imagery here that depicts these emotions so well. I have a few lines that I like but was especially intrigued by “deception speaks truth”. At a first glance, it appears conflicting but it actually made me think of the devil, the father of lies. The most believable lies are the ones that sound like truth. As the devil knows God’s word (the truth), he tries to mix it together with his lies to make them more believable. Thank God that he’s a defeated foe. Great poem Des, I pray God continues to inspire you to write such powerful words!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Erhi ~ Thanks for reading that’s a great illustration! When that line came to me it sounded confusing but it makes sense in a deception kind of way. Cos thats what deception does right sounds like truth… 🙂


  2. My fav would probably have to be:
    “They say ‘procrastination is the thief of time,’
    Well, complacency must be his armed accomplice.“
    Very thought provoking. Enjoyed this one too! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Nice Des!
    The line that stood out for me is “They say procrastination is the thief of time but complacency is its armed accomplice”

    This is so true, not only do we delay, we are so relaxed. I see now that “…procrastination..” might not apply anymore when I put off doing things, I was complacent with the situation I was and wasn’t ready to change it yet.

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  4. Des this is a work of art I look forward to reading more! The “deception speaks truth” sentence is particularly captivating. I really had to think about this one…it confused me at first but it’s like deceit can often sound like truth…a snake even came to my mind!!


  5. Hi Des, this is very thought provoking, each line left to the interpretation of the reader.
    The line that stood out for me is ‘ A clock broken, anxiety is’
    There is no point at looking at a broken clock, it won’t tell you what the real time is. Anxiety can not help you move forward, it is a waste of time. We should deal with anxiety as we would a broken clock, fix it or just through it out!!

    Thanks for sharing your poetic art 🖼


    1. Great poem Des! Keep it coming.
      I can really see how an offence is like an assassin. It’s easy to lock in your feelings when someone offends you rather than confront them. It kills you on the inside.


  6. “Complacency must be his armed accomplice” stood out for me because I assume if I can eradicate complacency, then procrastination would not be able to prevail.

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  7. The following two stood out for me:

    1. Offence is a silent assassin,……
    this is an excellent description that I believe all can relate to, if not dealt with correctly. The danger with assassinators is that their final shot comes unexpectedly, un dealt with offences have the ability to eat away at you and then boom!!! When you least expect it you die, become bitter and the offender gets on with their life unaware.

    2. “His cross is the only Light that sets us free.”
    The emotions were very descriptive and sad (which means writing is good). To end on the cross meant that despite all the darkness of life there is hope . The light of God allows you to see hope, turn your darkness around. and set us free.


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