Quarantine Diaries: So you wanna be a Writer?

Hope you are all doing well, staying home and washing your hands!

Quarantine season has been quite good for me. It has been a productive time actually. I spent the last couple of days putting the finishing touches on a manuscript for a book that I just finished writing. I’ve been twinning – writing two books at the same time.  I’m finally done with one and I can relax for a short time.

This one is a fiction book called “Kitsu’s Diary.” I made up the name. I wrote this book for teenagers; it was inspired by some of my students past and present. But this book also serves as a reminder to adults to be careful of the destructive effects of human emotions out of control. In this book, it is ‘love’ and ‘comparison,’ that get out of control.

I am going to give you a sneak preview of the book below:

Do you want to be a Writer?

When I’m writing non-fiction stories I tend to just write the way that I speak. This is particularly evident in my first book ‘Diaries of a Visionary – Inspiring Dreams.’ I’m sure that many people do this because when I’m marking student’s books I can hear their voices.

I believe that writing  can be therapeutic so sometimes I just write inspired by whatever may be going on in my life at the time. Right now, I’m in a season of being a school teacher. So you will notice that the books I’m writing at the moment explore many of the issues that young people face whilst growing up. I try and be as transparent as possible when writing but being a teacher you can’t talk about everything. That’s why I like to write fiction. When you make up a fictional character you can give them a name and you can use their voice to say anything you want them to say. Love it.

Sometimes it is necessary to just talk about a situation and tell it like it is. Other times there is just no way of telling the story without exposing names and details.  When writing fiction you have to create a character, give that character a personality and then you can use that characters voice to share your message to the world. My advice is, if you have a story to tell then tell it. If you think it’s too much to say directly then create a character and let them say it.

How do I create characters?

This is one way  thatI create characters. I observe people, I look at human behaviour and I analyse it – sometimes a bit too much. I believe that this helps me with my fiction writing. The way that I observe people and the world around me, helps me to paint a vivid picture of individuals within stories. For example, I was at school the other week and I was observing the behaviour of these two particular boys. We only have a small number of students in school but somehow they still managed to get themselves into trouble. I told them that they are going to be characters in my next book. They were so excited – wait until they see how I portray them (lol). I will change the names though.

So when you read my books, fiction or non-fiction you”ll get a little snippet of how I view the world. You wanna be a writer?  You’re asking us to step behind your camera and view the world through your lens.


Kitsu’s Diary  – What is this book about…?

Kitsu’s Diary is with the publishers now. It is too difficult to write, edit and publish your own work. You need a second pair of eyes!! I can be that second pair of eyes for someone else. 🙂

Here is a writing sample that you can read for now:

Immersed in her own thoughts, Kitsu began to dream. Just like every other fifteen-year-old girl, Kitsu always dreamt of the things she wished she had. Well, there was one thing that occupied her thoughts more than any other. Not really a thing, but a person. Kitsu dreamt of the day when she could walk arm in arm with the most popular boy in school. His name was Trevor. Being Trevor’s girlfriend seemed so far away from reality for Kitsu. Popularity is a strange concept, something most teenagers feel is one of the most important aspects of school life. Popularity was a part of Kitsu’s life that only really existed in her imagination. It’s not that she wanted to be popular herself, it’s just that she never expected someone like Trevor to take notice of someone like her. She never expected it…

 Kitsu never believed in love at first sight, it was just something that she saw on TV shows. That all changed when one afternoon she saw Trevor; something came over her. It was an unfamiliar feeling but Kitsu was sure that she had met someone special that day.

Milkshake, he was drinking a strawberry milkshake, Kitsu remembered that day as if it was just yesterday. Trevor had been drinking a strawberry milkshake because he was on his way home from the new ice-cream café. Kitsu longed for the day that Trevor would invite her there with him…


That’s a little third-person snippet – would love to hear your comments below.

If you feel inspired to write and want some advice about getting started or publishing a book just send us an email info@diariesofavisionary.co.uk and we will get back to you shortly.


“Discover your gifts and walk in your calling – somebody out there is waiting for you on the other side of your obedience.”


Take Care everyone.

If you can’t stay home then stay alert and wash your hands.


Des xxx

6 thoughts on “Quarantine Diaries: So you wanna be a Writer?

  1. Great post Des! You really have a gift for creating characters that people want to follow the life of. Kitsu is already, in this short snippet, so relatable and familiar. I’m intrigued to find out how her story ends!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, it was so great speaking to you (on 22nd May 😊) and to read how you create characters. You definitely have been gifted with insight, especially with regards to emotions and circumstances that you personally have not experienced. I can’t wait to read this book. Can wait to read a description of Trevor…..as always… well done. May the spirit of God continue to lead you in your writings!


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