Spiritual Wisdom

We need wisdom! Spiritual Wisdom and it comes from God. Oftentimes  poor decision-making skills stem from a lack of wisdom. Wisdom is a noun; it means the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement. Here I’m not talking about the ordinary wisdom of man that equates to knowledge. That kinda wisdom may lead youContinue reading “Spiritual Wisdom”

Captured and Delivered! (speech by T.Eduvie)

For those of you who missed the Book Launch see below for one of the fantastic and well crafted speeches of the evening….I know it has been a while since I’ve posted but I will update you soon and very soon. Happy reading 🙂 Diaries of Visionary This book is easy reading and speaks of thingsContinue reading “Captured and Delivered! (speech by T.Eduvie)”

God is speaking …what do I do now?

What do you do when God gives you a dream? Earlier on this year I started writing. I had so many stories and situations that had happened in my life spanning across the years. In January I just sat down and started writing, I wrote my first two blog posts overnight and published them inContinue reading “God is speaking …what do I do now?”

The Whole Armour

I have come to realise, some people cannot control their mouths, what can we do? Are we supposed to live in a state of constant conflict and offence. Are we supposed to avoid certain people completely? That can’t be the right approach because what if one day you get offended in a relationship that youContinue reading “The Whole Armour”

The Wilderness: Let God make you!

Sometimes when we are going through hard and tough times, our first instinct is to run away! Run away from our problems, run away from tests and trials, run away from difficulties. But there comes a time where you just have to stand firm and let God make you. God made the cactus! God wantsContinue reading “The Wilderness: Let God make you!”