Hello My Lovely Blog Followers,

Today’s post is a bit different as I wanted to give you a quick life update. I have been working on some new things, one of them being a new website where I have positioned myself as an expert coach for Millennial Women.

I help women to know their true identity and build unshakeable confidence so that they can walk out their purpose as women of faith. So far the feedback from the ladies on my coaching programme has been remarkable; we have seen transformations taking place. Testimonials will be on the new website once completed.

Below, I have recorded a short video for you to get more details about my new venture.

If you would like to find out even more information or book a FREE strategy session to get clarity on your dreams and goals you can go to the website and book under the coaching tab. I also have a free E-Book that you can download so have fun exploring the new site.


I will continue posting on here and keeping you updated for the rest of the year but by January 2022 everything should be moving to the new site.

In other news I am planning a women’s event towards the end of August but more details will be confirmed once Boris officially opens up the country. My latest book called ‘Message to My Maidservants – From His Mouth to Our Ears,’ is in production stages. I will keep you posted on that as well.

#NewChapter #NewSeason #Newbeginnings

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